How to Mount a projector without drilling

How to Mount a projector without drilling?

How beautiful life could have been if we were not expected to make efforts, but still our career will be uplifted, but this is not possible in real life?

But what is possible is that you can mount up your projectors without worrying about the drills on your walls. Drilling on the walls is something many of us are not in favor of, and we find an alternative to avoid it.  

When we live in a rented house, we will have to hear things from the house owner, and when we live in our own house, we are not willing to damage the walls of our house.

So, there is good news for all of them that there are a few ways by which you can mount your projector without drilling on your walls. 

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How to Mount a projector without drilling

The market has many alternatives for mounting your projector; some of them are:

1. Projector Screen Stand

The first accessible, easy, safest way of mounting up your projector without having drills on your walls is by using the projector screen stand. Mounting your projector screen becomes easy when you use a stand made for the purpose.

The process of installing the stand is considered to be a difficult one by many of us, but it is not as tough as you think; instead, it involves very few steps.  The projector screen stand will allow you all to enjoy the movie nights with your dear ones.

You can change the location of the projector stand as it is light in weight and has excellent mobility, which makes it the best choice when you want to mount the projector without drilling. 

2. L-Shaped Wall Hangers

Another great option to mount your projector screen without drilling is to generate an L-Shaped Wall hanger is a great and effective way of mounting up your projector without drilling on your walls.

After the projector screen stand, the preferable option is to use an L-Shaped hanger. The step that you need to do is to use an adhesive and stick your L-shaped hanger to the wall with adhesive. 

3. Using Hardwall Hangers

Looking for a feasible way to mount your projector, then you must consider the option of hardware hangers. Some nails are pre-existing on the tiny hangers. You are expected to attach the handlers to the walls to mount up your projector and save the walls from drilling. Proper measurements have to be taken for proper execution and complete entertainment. 

4. Brick Clamps

A wall made up of bricks can be saved by using brick clamps. If you want to keep your projector mounted for a long time, then surely brick clamps are the perfect choice for you. Be careful with the measurements that you take while setting up the setup to minimize any interruptions and maximize your happiness. 

6. Using Command Hooks

Using command hooks is an easy thing that can be done by you for mounting up your projector without drilling. Command hooks are the portable way as you can take them off when you want and use them again when you want to.

Light as per weight and convenient in place from one location to another with no additional efforts. The only effort or step to be one by you is measuring the height of your projector screen and placing the hooks according to the height. Extra hooks can be used to increase and add extra strength.

The proper location

Placement or setting up things appropriately is necessary to get the expected result. The wrong placement of the projector will ruin your expectation and will keep you away from your good times, so do things in the correct way.

Be careful that you pick a location in your house where the lighting does not leave an impact on the projector. The perfect location, according to us, is to mount the screen just opposite your couch and enjoy your good time and entertain yourself. 

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Things To Know Before Mounting Projector Screen

  • We have tried to make you aware of the options available in the market, which could be picked up for you if you wish to mount up your projector without drilling. You can go for the option which you find will fit your requirements. Be wise while picking the way because going for the wrong alternative will surely be risky for you and your projector. 
  • Do not forget to see and be aware of the condition of your wall. Do not go on experimenting on a weak wall. The wall should be solid and capable of holding the projector. Putting weight and expecting a weak wall to hold is stupid to do and may result in an accident.  
  • Do not try setting up the devices you are using to mount your projector if you hold no pr half-knowledge about it. Be wise and ask for help from someone who holds expertise in these things.
  • Check the height and weight of the projector before picking the alternative.


Whenever we hear about mounting up the projector, we imagine holes on our walls. And many of us can not see our walls having holes. But we can mount a projector screen without paying the cost of having holes on our walls.

There are a few tools you need to have. Drilling holes in the wall is the safest option but surely is not the only option. There are various options available in the market. You can pick the one which you prefer.

You can check the security, weight, mobility, and feasibility characteristics of the alternatives before using one. Pick the one you want according to your needs and fix your projector to enjoy movies.

Do not get enthusiastic and excited while handling the devices that can give a wrong consequence. If possible, take the assistance of an expert in fixing and handling devices to avoid any mishap. When you have some alternative that can give you the same result, then why not use them and save your walls from having holes.

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