Best 4K Projector Under $2000 in [2022]

It is simply difficult to choose one and stick with it among the millions of projectors available on the market. For starters, the projector you want may be out of your price range. It could be the best projector in terms of resolution, brightness, and other features. What is more stressful is not knowing which one to select or being torn between several projectors.

We’re guessing you’re here for that reason. When it comes to projectors, the resolution is extremely important. But did you know that you could get a good quality projector with a high resolution like 1080p with 4K?

We’ll show you throughout this article is how to choose the best 4K projector under $2000.

You may or may not be aware of what 4K is, so let’s get started.


The 4K resolution is currently the highest standard for TVs and projectors. A 4K resolution has four times the pixels of a 1080p resolution. As a result, the 4K resolution clearly outperforms the 1080p resolution in terms of colour quality, sharpness, accuracy, brightness, and everything else related to the screen. In a nutshell, the entire dynamic of your viewing experience is transformed into a cinematic experience. We truly mean it.

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Now comes the exciting but agonising task of selecting a projector. This could take a long time if you just went through the process of researching and deciding, so we’ve compiled a list of the best 4k projectors under $2000 for you.


1. LUMENS – around or above 2000 lumens

2. LAMP LIFE – above 10000 hours

3. CONNECTIVITY – compatibility with HDMI, USB to connect with mobile devices, PCs, Macs, and others

Best 4K Projectors Under $2000

1. BENQ TK800M

RATING: 4.6/ 5 

The BenQ TK 800M projector is in a class of its own, which is why it is also our top pick. The projector has a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, which is exactly what we’re looking for. True 4K resolution with HDR improves image clarity and sharpness while decreasing pixel blur and shadowing. The projector has a brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens. The best part is that this resolution can be projected onto a 100″ or larger screen. 

This projector would be best suited to a living room where you can play games, watch movies, and generally have fun. Because the projector balances visual brightness and vivid colours, you can watch anything you want even in low-light conditions. There are two gaming modes: Football picture mode and Sport picture mode.

The audio enhancer ensures that the vocals are fine-tuned and that you hear deeper sounds. The projector includes a 5W built-in speaker. There are also sound modes for various occasions, such as football mode and cinema mode. The vertical keystone feature on the projector eliminates trapezoid images and converts them to square images. 

You also don’t have to be concerned about installation because the 1.1x zoom feature enhances available space. The projector’s SmartEco Technology extends the lamp life to 15,000 hours. It has two HDMI inputs, one of which is HDMI 2.0, and two USB inputs for connecting to media players, gaming consoles, mobile phones, PCs, Macs, and other devices.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent brightness
  • 4K resolution enhances picture quality
  • Quite pricey
  • Decent signal for 4K

2. BENQ HT3550i

RATING: 4.4/ 5

The BenQ HT3550i projector is another BenQ projector that has similar but distinct features to the previous one. The thing about this projector is that it is the first true 4K resolution home cinema projector that connects to Android TV, from which you can access Google Play to watch your favourite movies, games, and so on. The brightness is 2000 lumens, which is bright enough. 

This projector’s CinematicColor technology allows for sharp colour accuracy and crisp details to maximise your cinematic experience. The Rec.709 feature maintains colour authenticity as expected. HDR-Pro Video quality ensures exceptional detail when mapping images to the screen. The two modes are Cinema and HDR, which are perfect in bright rooms. 

The lamp life is 15000 hours under SmartEco mode. There is an audio enhancer, vertical keystone correction, and zoom adjustment, as expected. It also has universal connectivity via 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and other connections to YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix. An HDMI cable can also be used to connect this.

  • Wide compatibility
  • Outstanding 4K picture quality
  • Good colour accuracy
  • High input lag


RATING: 4.7/ 5

The Epson Home Cinema 4010 projector has all of the necessary features for a good 4K projector. The 4K resolution enables pixel enhancement as well as a cinematic experience. This projector’s unique selling point is its advanced three-chip 3LCD technology, which provides exceptional colour accuracy, brightness, and colour gamut. It is also Full HDR, with a contrast ratio of 200000:1 in both bright and dark scenes. 

The projector has a colour and white brightness of 2400 lumens for vibrant colours. Epson also ensures that there is no light leakage by employing a 15-element glass structure for superior image quality. There will be no rainbow effect, as seen in other 4K displays.

 In ECO mode, the lamp life of this projector is only 5000 hours. In terms of connectivity, the projector connects to computers, Macs, media players, and other devices wirelessly or via an optional HDMI cable via input ports such as 2xHDMI, 2xUSB, and others.

  • Easy setup
  • Good lens shift
  • Best colour accuracy
  • Lower lamp life
  • No inbuilt speaker

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RATING: 4.2/ 5 

The ViewSonic X10-4KE projector produces stunning images on screen thanks to its 4K resolution. The design is certainly commendable, and it is also an award winner. The 4k with Full HD adds the finishing touch that the projector requires, making the image quality more beautiful. It is suitable for watching movies and playing video games. The 2400 lumens of brightness are ideal. 

The Cinema SuperColor+ technology in the projector provides realistic images via HDR10 technology, while also improving colour accuracy and contrast ratio. Frame Interpolation technology reduces input lag and minimises motion blur, which is essential when watching sports or gaming. 

The projector also includes dual 20W Harman Kardon speakers, which provide an excellent audio experience. The projector’s lamp life can last up to 30000 hours. You can stream content from your phone or tablet using the USB Type-C connection. Please keep in mind that this is only for devices that support USB Type-C video streaming. Other input options for Android and iOS include HDMI, USB, and wireless projection.

  • Great sound system
  • Amazing design and portable
  • Clear image on screen
  • Average HDR quality


RATING: 4.4/ 5 

If you enjoy home entertainment and gaming, the Optoma HD39HDR projector is an excellent choice. It has a 1080p resolution. But hold on! It also supports HDR10 with 4K input, which allows for brighter whites and deeper black levels. It has a brightness of 4000 lumens and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

The six-segment colour wheel defines colour accuracy and image detail. It is also Full 3D and can display 3D content from almost any media player, Blu-ray player, gaming console, or disc player. The 1.3x zoom and vertical keystone feature make installation simple. 

The lamp life on the projector is 15000 hours. This allows you to watch 4 hours of content per day. Dual HDMI (with 3D support) connections connect to gaming consoles, media players, and HDMI devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Good brightness
  • Full 3D
  • Enhanced gaming mode- low input lag
  • Blurred images on screen

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RATING: 4.2/ 5

The ViewSonic PX747-4K projector is a projector market classic. With its 4K UHD resolution and XPR technology, it produces high-quality images. It is appropriate for home entertainment in both bright and dark environments. It also supports HDR content, which allows for more detailed images with richer and fuller contrast. 

The 3500 lumens of brightness are ideal for any environment. This projector ensures a stunning visual experience. As usual, the Cinema SuperColor technology guarantees colour accuracy. The SuperEco mode extends the projector’s lamp life to up to 15000 hours. The projector also includes a powerful 10W speaker for a cinematic experience that resounds. The backlit remote control makes it easy to use in dim lighting. 

You can connect to HD devices, gaming consoles, laptops, Blu-ray players, PCs, digital cameras, Macs, and other devices via the dual HDMI inputs.

  • Crisp images
  • Easy connectivity
  • More effective in dark rooms
  • Input lag found

7. LG HU70LA 

RATING: 4.5/ 5

The LG HU70LA projector features the exclusive LG LED 4K UHD CineBeam technology with XPR, which provides a cinematic experience. This projector uses HDR 10 technology to ensure optimal picture quality in each frame. This projector has a brightness of 1500 ANSI lumens and can project up to 140″ on screen. The TruMotion technology ensures that animations have flow. 

The Wheel-less colour technology ensures that the projector uses primary colours (RGB) rather than a colour wheel, as seen in other traditional projectors. This results in deeper, richer colour. The lamp life of the projector extends up to 30000 hours. There is also a 1.25x zoom focus that allows you to easily adjust the screen size. 

The projector features LG ThinQ AI, which enables voice commands via the built-in Alexa and Google Assistant. HDMI and USB inputs can connect to Android, WINDOWS, and iOS. Miracast can be useful for wirelessly mirroring projections onto a screen

  • Great connectivity
  • Neat design
  • Smart features
  • Decent black levels

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RATING: 4.1/ 5

The Optoma UHD51A projector is best suited for theatre and living room applications. It has a 4K UHD resolution, so you’ll be on the edge of your seat whether you’re playing games, watching movies, or watching sports. HDR compatibility and a wide colour gamut provide incredible colour contrast and lifelike colour. The projector is also compatible with Blu-ray 3D. 

It has an eye-friendly brightness of 2400 lumens. Voice commands, such as Alexa, are supported by this projector and make it easier to use. A lamp life of up to 15000 hours is also available. The projector also has a 1.3x zoom, vertical lens shift, and keystone correction to ensure that your images are perfectly aligned. 

The projector is gaming-ready and can be connected to gaming consoles and PCs for a fantastic gaming experience. 2xHDMI and 4xUSB-A inputs connect to UHD playback devices and media players. There is also a built-in 4K media player.

  • Full 3D
  • Vibrant images on screen
  • Dynamic contrast ratio
  • Average vertical lens shift feature


RATING: 4.4/ 5

The Optoma GT1090HDR is a laser light source projector with a 1080p resolution and 4k input. This ensures that images are detailed without being compressed. It is also compatible with HDR10, which deepens colour levels. It has a brightness of 4000 lumens and can be used in both dark and bright environments. Aside from that, the projector can display 3D content from any 3D source, including a Blu-ray player, gaming consoles, and a disc player. 

This projector is ideal for small spaces with natural light. The DuraCore Laser Light Source ensures that the lamp life is extended to 30000 hours and that durability is maximised. The projector has features such as 1.3x zoom and vertical keystone for placement flexibility. 

You can connect to media players, gaming consoles, and HDMI devices such as Google Chromecast Ultra, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, and others using the dual HDMI (1.4a 3D support) input options.

  • Short throw projector
  • Quiet cooling system
  • Easy installation
  • Basic design

10. BENQ TK810

RATING: 3.9/ 5

Whether you’re watching a movie with your family or friends, the BenQ TK810 projector can transform your viewing experience into a cinematic one. It is small and can be seen in any room. It has true 4K UHD resolution, which is said to bring images to life and reduce pixel blur. HDR technology improves the realism of images and optimises them for projection. 

The 3200 lumens of brightness are ideal for bright living rooms, and the Rec.709 colour performance feature provides lively visuals. LumiExpert technology makes it simple by automatically adjusting brightness levels based on the environment. In SmartEco mode, the projector has a lamp life of 15000 hours.

 Bluetooth 4.0 is built into the projector. It also has wireless connectivity for streaming content from mobile devices. HDMI 2.0 input options enable connectivity from 4K UHD devices.

  • Stable Bluetooth range
  • Great audio system
  • Good picture quality
  • Long throw distance


We sincerely hope that you make an informed decision. Please see the product pages for more information on all of these projectors.

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